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The first is called”The Slider”. The slider is my favorite type of throw. It should be everybody’s default throw to start out every inning. As soon as you’ve mastered”The Spin”, you may understand that your bag lands on the board, but then slides right across the board.
The second sort of throw is”The Blocker”. The blocker is performed when the thrower lands the bag directly in front of the pit, blocking the path to the hole and making the opposing player correct from a slider to another strategy. It’s great for defense in addition to offence, since it is a secure lands and throw on the board for a point, while defending the gap against the opponent.
The third throw is known as the”Push”. This is the perfect throw to follow-up the blocker. If you can put a blocker in front of the hole, the opponent can’t simply slide it in without putting yours in as well. Additionally, the blocker is placed in an ideal position for one to”push” it in with your next throw, which should have restricted arc to achieve more slide.
The final throw is”Air Mail”, which is the toughest throw. This is just putting it directly through the hole, over all of the other bags. While attempting an airmail shot or a slider, the bag may have too much power and could slide behind or bounce over the hole. If you or your competitor provide a backboard, you now have an easy target. The backboard offers immunity behind the hole, thus a powerful shot that would typically bounce or slide from the back of the board can now be used to hit the”Backboard”.
This is the opposite of”The Push” that is landing a bag before the hole and with a slider to push the bag into the hole. The Backboard can be accomplished with any sort of shot. It just increases the odds of bouncing a bag into the hole.
The Previous Tip: Practice
Exercise is the best way to boost performance in almost any area. The best aspect of this game is it is easy to build, set up, and play. It’s a casual game that can be practiced with friends at an outdoor gathering, or by yourself with only a box and pair of bags. If someone is attempting to get into competitive play, Bags is a terrific game to practice at any time. I use two sets of bags which are 2 unique colors, and play against myself to practice the 4 types of throws in a realistic situation.

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